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Dinosaur Ridge AR

My role in the augmented reality app for Dinosaur Ridge varied. As a Junior in the Digital Design BFA program at CU-Denver, my portion of the four-person team collaborating with Dinosaur Ridge consisted of key-frame animating pre-rigged and textured dinosaur assets in Cinema 4D that were later added to a working AR prototype created in Unity by another team member. Upon graduation, I helped launch the augmented reality portion of the app, assisting Bryan Leister in various forms of UI/UX design and research. This was quite a fun app to work on from concept to finished product! The app is available for Apple and Android devices and is easy for all ages to navigate and enjoy! Learn about Dinosaur Ridge, the fossils on-site and take photos of your new AR dinosaurs to share with friends! 

Below are the results of my User Interface and Experience research of button design and placement for a mobile application as well as site map design for the Dinosaur Ridge AR app. The reddish gradient photo frame is only available onsite in Morrison, Colorado. 

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